Changing Acts 1988–1992

Houston, March 1992

By experiencing the transformation of how I see myself, I have begun the transformation of the world I see. I could not fully understand certain things of the world, its people and their suffering, their conflicts, or even my full potential of life itself, until I experienced these same currents and truths inside myself.

I believe it is my responsibility to leave a better world for younger generations to live in, a world that is more trusting in the belief that inside each of us there is a wealth of power to learn how to love, and how to change and grow.

Houston, March 1991

The journey has been inward. It has been intense and very rewarding indeed as I have at last emerged at peace with my own self. My recent work is now backed by my very own life experiences. It is no longer just impulse, but the reasoning behind it.

The loss of an unborn child, my grandmother’s death, and utmost, my Latin American upbringing are all aspects of my life that characterize my own work. These are not necessarily pleasant incidents. But being a woman has not been a happy experience, not for my Grandmother Maria, my Aunt Isabel, or myself.